Inventory of Mountain Sheep Farming and of the Phenomena Related to Colonisation Based on the so-called Wallachian Law in the Territory of the Žilina Region

So far, the topic of colonisation based on Wallachian law in the territory currently administered by the self-government of the Žilina region has not been processed comprehensively for the whole territory, although partial information can be found in numerous publications, articles and other sources. The following text attempts to provide a certain summary of knowledge and information about the specified theme and is based directly in the above sources with minimum modifications or interpretation. The territory of the currently existing Žilina region comprises the historical regions of the Upper Váh Valley (Upper Váh valley), Kysuce, Turiec, Orava and Liptov. This is a predominantly mountainous region with distinctive areas which is closely connected to the heritage of the colonisation based on Wallachian law from the historical, ethnographic, cultural as well as natural or even environmental perspective.

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