Sheep fujar and thrombite workshops

Kategoria: Tradition

The teaching and dissemination of techniques for building Polish folk instruments and knowledge about their role in the Polish musical tradition with particular emphasis on locality is an important factor in building regional identity. Learning takes place using the master-student direct transmission method. The young generation's interest in traditional instrument building techniques and the dissemination of this knowledge makes a significant contribution to the continuation of tradition.

Zbigniew Wałach - He grew up in a circle of highlander tradition, in a family with generational musical and artistic traditions. As a grandson of the artist-painter Jan Wałach, he was in contact with art from an early age. For many years he has been strongly associated with the musical life of the Silesian Beskids. For artistic activity he was a laureate of one of the most prestigious awards in the field of folklore, the prize of Oskar Kolberg, which he received in 2003, the award of the Minister of Culture, the Laurel of Silver Cieszynianka 2004 and the award of the Cieszyn Poviat in the field of culture. He is the founder and primacy of the highlander band "Wałasi", which has existed for 30 years. Activities in the field of music development and popularization, as well as the message to the next generations of musical culture, playing instruments and their construction are extremely important elements of continuation
cultural heritage.
Instructor activity gave the opportunity to educate subsequent generations of efficiently playing musicians. He passed on his passion for music making and traditional repertoire to his pupils. He transfers his knowledge, not only as a music instructor, but also by giving lectures and lectures to anyone interested in highlander culture. He is a scholarship holder of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. Zbigniew Wałach is also the initiator of cyclical events that have permanently inscribed in the Beskid cultural calendar, i.e. "Meetings of Gajdosz and Bagpipers", which annually gather many lovers of traditional music and "Zadebnia Istebniańskie", dedicated to the memory of the late creators of the Silesian Beskids.

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