The Wallachian Culture Trail is a trail of natural and cultural heritage associated with Wallachian traditions in the Carpathian Mountains. The trail has an international character and runs along the entire arch of the Carpathians, following in the footsteps of wandering and Wallachian settlements and connecting places with live shepherd traditions. There are many attractions waiting for tourists!

Lemko architecture

Lemko architecture

Boyko architecture

Boyko architecture

Sacral architecture

Sacral architecture

Relics of pastoral architecture in Ustroń

The most important Ustroń architectural monuments on the Wallachian Culture Trail

Open shepherds' huts in Brenna

The hill in the Cieszyn Foothills, in the area of the Brenna commune, is a special place where...

Cieńków shepherds' huts,

Contemporary Bacówka moved from Stecówka belonging to the Sheep Trail of the Sheep + Program.

Bacówka, Istebna Stecówka

Shepherd's hut is particularly important in shepherd rituals in the Silesian Beskids. Here, in...

Bacówka on the Golden Grape, Istebna, Silesian Beskids

Golden Groń is a place crowded with tourists because of the beautiful panorama.

Bacówka Under the Golden Grape

A small shepherd's model based on the one located above the Golden Grape.

Kolyba, Góra Ochodzita, Koniaków, Silesian Beskids

Shepherd's hut built in Koniaków on the slope of Ochodzita mountain. The largest herd of sheep...

Kolyba on Szańce, Koniaków, Silesian BeskidsKolyba on Szańce, Koniaków, Silesian Beskids

Piotr Kohut started a pioneering educational and tourist project by opening the Pastoral Center in...

Bacówka on Hala Baraniej, Silesian Beskids

Barania Góra is a mountain that separates the Bielsko and Żywiecki poviats. According to the map...

Bacówka "Pod Gojkom" Kamesznica, Beskid Żywiecki

A modern form of a shepherd's hut made of whole logs. A characteristic difference is the form of...

Bacówka in Bukowina, Żabnica, Żywiec Beskids

The facility was built in 2016. by Wojciech Gawła. Bacówka in Bukowina stands at the intersection...

Hala Boracza, Żabnica Żywiecki Beskids

Adam Gruszka is the shepherd at Hala Boracza and Cukiernica. Thanks to his work, pastoralism was...

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