Open shepherds' huts in Brenna

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Bacówka Bucze, Górki Wielkie, the Silesian Beskids

The new facility opened in 2015. the hosts of "Bacówka na Buczu" are Stanisław and Bogusława Juchowie from Górki Wielkie. A rafter object with an entrance located centrally in the gable wall. A steep gable roof in a rafter structure is based on the ground and slightly protruding above the entrance. The roof was covered with long wooden formwork timber. This is where you can taste regional products made using traditional methods. A large herd is grazed on pastures above the shepherd's huts on the slopes of Bucze Mountain. Shepherd's hut is open on Saturdays and Sundays. It provides an interesting offer to spend time for groups and individuals. This is the first facility on the Sheep + Sheep Trail

Bacówka on Skałka, Brenna, Silesian Beskids

Bacówka Skałka-Łączana is located in the southern clearing of Three Mounds. Traditional seasonal sheep grazing and accompanying events take place here. Architectural description: the object is made of solid logs hewn at four sides. The building has the form of a one-room cottage. A low-shear sheath, narrowed to dovetail. A well-preserved way of mixing the space between logs. The facility is located on the Sheep + Sheep Trail.

Bacówka on Malinka, Brenna Leśnica, Silesian Beskids

The only facility of this type on the Sheep + Trail Bacowary Trail. A double-shed hut with a roof resting on the ground. It is used today for educational and tourist purposes, milk processing and as a place to protect against the weather during the work of sashash . Seasonally active pastures provide food for sheep herds grazing in season. An educational farm operates at the agritourism farm "U Gazda", where workshops for cheese making, wool processing and haymaking are conducted. The farm was also awarded the prize for excellent sheep sausage in the competition "Our Culinary Heritage - flavors of the Regions" erected Wallachian gate. Carpathian Highlanders' Championships in Mowing Meadows with Scythes and Polish Shepherd Dog Championships are organized here

Bacówka in Kotarz, Hala Jaworowa, Brenna, Silesian Beskids

Jaworowa Hall is referred to as the largest hall of the Silesian Beskids. The rich natural and scenic values condition a return to this shepherding place. In the 1980s a herd of around 350 sheep grazed here. The name Kotarz is associated with pastoral economy, sheep lambing. Today, a large herd grazes here. A modern kolyba operates here. Very simple construction similar to a shed. The vertically decked object is covered with a gable roof with planking

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