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The Silesian Beskids are not only beautiful landscapes and stunning nature, they are also a rich, intriguing highlander culture. The real revolution in the history of our village was the arrival of Wołochs, a nomadic people who, following the arch of the Carpathians, reached Brenna, leading the pastoral economy. Formerly it was said "Gdo moowaczow, tyna whatever I want". The wealth of the host was determined by the size of his flock, and wool and cheese were at a premium.

Hosts of Goat Farm charmed by the culture of Wasa created in Brenna a place where everything that is in the word highlander is at your fingertips. In the restaurant building, which is a replica of a wooden cottage from 1928, you can enjoy traditional Beskid cuisine. For connoisseurs of good taste, the hosts have prepared their own products that you can look for free in store regiments: teas from brena herbs, blueberry marmalades, juices from moicz ... What are brena herbs? What is hidden under the charming name "moiczka"? What do blueberries from the Beskids forests taste like? The answers to these questions are easily found in Goat Farm.

Regional workshops are also held here: making cheese, decorating gingerbread, baking sourdough bread and Cieszyn cookies. Cieszyn cookies are distinguished not only by their unique taste, but also by craftsmanship and attention to detail. Types of these sweets are shaky, and the shape resembles moons, stars, apples, nuts, coffee beans, flowers ... Demonstrations of cheese making are conducted in a kolyie, where workshop participants help to make cheese, taste bundz, clams and chewy. What would Goat Farm without goats be? Right next to the natural playground there is a "quarters" (farm) with shepherd animals: goats and sheep.

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43-438 Brenna ul.Sportowa 3 tel. 513 422 143

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