Wool gloves, gloves, "carts"

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Wool gloves (so-called carts) - thick mitts made of woolen yarn most often in natural shades. In the past, they mainly served carters (hence one of their names) and people working in the woods in winter (woodcutters, rangers, people burning charcoal, etc.).

In the past, mainly men have been involved in weaving gloves. To make them, use a special wooden rule (separate for the main shaft of the glove, the so-called paw, and a separate one for the big toe) made of wood, on which the warp (string, usually twine) is stretched, on which then, manually, the fingers are woven with wool thread. Expert gloves were able to thread a variety of decorative patterns (weaves in contrasting colors).

These gloves are a characteristic product for the Nadpopradzkie (black) Highlanders from around Piwniczna. In Piwniczna, Michał Nakielski deals with the production of gloves and also the teaching of this craft. And also two ladies: Ewa Sowińska and Bernadetta Musiał, who run workshops. This product is supralocal (it was found in the whole of southern Lesser Poland), but associated with the Nadpopradzkie (Czarne) Highlanders from around Piwniczna Zdrój and Rytro.

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