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Black is a band founded in 1995, headed by Andrzej Pilch. The team members live in the Czarne housing estate. They cultivate the family tradition. Through authentic dress and repertoire, they popularize highlander folk culture. They weave folk poets into their songs. Their work was awarded with significant prizes and distinctions: first place at the Festival of Polish Highlanders Folklore in Żywiec and at the XXXI Review of Rural Artistic Bands "Brenna '98".
Wałasi is a band of highlanders from the Silesian Beskids founded in 1985. Zbigniew Wałach, the band's founder, received one of the most important awards in the field of folklore - Oscar Kolberg "For services to folk culture". In their work, they focus on traditional Beskidy works and the further arch of the Carpathians, as well as their own compositions. Zbigniew Wałach is also valued as a builder of traditional instruments such as rallies and shepherd's pipes. He also passes his knowledge about the construction of instruments through the program of the school of masters of folk instrument builders, where as a master he conducted individual workshops in the construction of the thrombite and the shepherd's horn with the participation of Rafał Bałaś who participated in the bands: Non-Archaic Composition, Duda violin. Kapela Duda Skrzypce - winners of the 2016 edition Old Tradition Festival. The competition aims to select young bands and soloists who reach and continue the musical traditions of the regions. The band, as the name says, consists of bagpipes and violins. This is a smaller Nonarchaic Composition. Non - Archaic Composition - young passionate people from the Żywiec Beskids perform the music of this area. It is again given to the listener in a very professional manner. The composition included violin, viola, bagpipes, pipes, double bass and singing. Therefore, they present full instrumentation of Beskid music.

The Byrtek Brothers Band is the laureate of the Oskar Kolberg folk band award for services to folk cultures. The band comes from the Jeleśnia commune in the Żywiec poviat. Its composition includes bagpipes from Żywiec and violin. The band consists of the greatest Jewish piper Edward Byrtek and his brothers who have no equal in playing the violin. Awarded many times for loyalty to the authentic message. Sons play a repertoire initiated by their father. These are mainly shepherd melodies, hajduk, pee, horse, roe deer, obyrtki. Their heterophony of violins and bagpipes presented by them is a phenomenon of the musical folklore of the Żywiec region.

The news in 1984, Krystyna Mruzek, said that it is better to give children to learn folk repertoire than to follow them. After some time of activity, she called this group of musicians Nowina. All this took place in Jabłonnków, in the Czech part of Cieszyn Silesia. In addition to the music school in Jabłonków, we represented the Jabłonka Polish Primary School and the local one near the Polish Cultural and Educational Association. During these few years, many children studied under the supervision of Mrs Mruzkowa. In order not to waste talents and use them, she invented the younger band - Lipka. And then Torke. This is how the News crystallized and today they are the oldest students, i.e. six musicians with female voices. The basic repertoire is based on the folk music of Cieszyn Silesia. This is mainly highlander note, we allow variations from other regions. The news occurs at numerous festivals, folk holidays, private events.

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