Traditionally, with the advent of the golden autumn at the end of the shepherd season, the Wołoska Koliba is organized in the Carpathian Mountains, a two-day cultural event promoting FOLK MEETINGS ON THE PASTORAL TRAIL.
The first day of meetings took place in Bacówka at Franos's in Osławica, where the sheep settled, i.e. their return from grazing. The reference to the Wallachian tradition through folk meetings has become a good opportunity to celebrate and promote traditional crafts , regional products and folk music. Meetings on the shepherd's trail are accompanied by numerous workshops, performances of folk groups, tasting of regional dishes, and animations for the youngest participants.
Wołoska Koliba attracts not only crowds of tourists from Poland, but also from the world mainly from Slovakia, Ukraine and Hungary.
On Sunday, the second day of Wołoska Koliba began with a solemn Mass. in the church in Wisłok Wielki with the participation of Trąbits and the highlander band Wałasi, from where the participants then went to a folk meeting on the square at Chata Nad Wisłokiem. The guests were welcomed by the host - Stanisław Jaskułka.
A fancy stand with a rich offer of handicrafts, traditional products and regional products appeared around the Lemko cottage. Handicrafts of ceramics, wooden products and artistic handicrafts, crochet toys, occasional decorations, jewelry, wreaths and Christmas decorations, decupage, painting, making wax candles, soaps and natural cosmetics or clothing with folk motif presented their works at the Fair.
Among the stands there were delicious Bieszczady cheeses from Bacówka Caryńska, homemade pastries and dishes prepared by Ladies of the KGW in Czystogarba and by Social Cooperatives, such as Chata Nad Wisłokiem and Dzikie Wino. Dumplings turned out to be the dominant dish at the Fair, prepared according to a traditional recipe by Ladies from the KGW in Czystogarba. As part of its activities, KGW in Czystogarba organized a competition for making dumplings. There was no shortage of those willing to make pierogi, and the participants of the competition were awarded. It was a real pierogi day.
Dose of positive impressions provided the audience with solo and folk bands such as: highlander band Wałasia, band Bukowianie from Bukowska, performance by Józef Sowa playing songs of the Carpathians on the trumpet, Lenten pipe, whistle tube, ocarina from the horn, sopiłce and many others, the band Śpiwanka z Mokre and at the end of the evening star - the Saint Orchestra Nicholas.
The event was accompanied by martial arts shows, a photo exhibition, craft workshops, i.e. carving wood, ceramics, embroidery on a hoop, musical workshops creating a band, bread baking workshops and a show of Wallachian cheese preparation.

Współfinansowane przez Unię Europejską z Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego w ramach
Programu Współpracy Transgranicznej Interreg V-A Polska-Słowacja 2014-2020