Świętojański Szałas "in Kamesznica

This day is shrouded in magic and mystery because it has its origins in pagan culture, more specifically the solstice festival. As a result of the church's integration of the pagan and Christian holiday, Midsummer Night has received a new dimension in which faith and magic intertwine. In pastoral culture, 24 June is also a borderline moment. From that day guests could appear at the hut, family could visit shepherds, juhas, music could also be found in the hall. In addition, from that day on in the hall "it was done for its own" and not "at a loss". The tradition of burning fire on the mountain tops on the eve of St. John the Baptist from June 23 to June 24. The fire was guarded until morning, treating the constantly burning flame as a good omen. In addition, on this day, herbs broken at dawn and love spells had special power.

To show the uniqueness of this day and the richness of tradition, the event "Świętojański Sałasz" was created, which under this name took place in Kamesznica in the "Pod Gojkom" shepherd's house on June 24, 2017. Participants could listen to traditional music and stories related to beliefs, magic and magic of herbs. Dress together with colorful tissue paper 'Moja', a spruce tree stripped from below, with the top of green branches left, which appeared to Janom in front of the house for name-day. There was also regional cuisine and sheep products, which could be tasted during the tasting. An important point of the event was making wreaths and releasing them on the water, and symbolic lighting of the "watra" (fire) , with tongs / Silesian dedicated on Holy Saturday Ludźmierz. The whole event was adorned by the sheep reindeer at "Hala Barania" and dancing together around the fire.

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