Easter on the Wallachian trail

Sheep will appear again on the Wallachian trail. As every year from Saint. George to Saint. Michael and more in the south to St. Dmitri

A flock of sheep was brought in front of the Podhale House to the square in front of the Shrine of Our Lady of Ludźmierska.

The celebrant sacrificed water taken from the well at the basilica. The liturgical procession crossed the threshold of the temple. Ks. the curator Jerzy Filek welcomed everyone, emphasizing the particularly beautiful time: the Resurrection - the victory of life over death, the time of spring - life awakening again, and today the crowning - the Feast of Mercy, when God bends over man to lift him, refine him. Bacowie and juhasi are already pulling into the mountains, to the halls, to the pastures and for all this to happen in God's way, then first come to bow to Gaździna Podhala, because without the blessing of the Mother no real highlander will go on either the long way or the halls. Here before the smiling face of Our Lady of Ludźmierz - her and Saint. We would like to recommend Wojciech happy grazing.

The Eucharist was presided by Fr. can. Józef Bednarczyk, pastor from the parish St. Bartłomiej in Niedzica. In concelebration was Fr. can. Czesław Banaszkiewcz from the parish St. Stanisław Kostka in Żoliborz in Warsaw, who once cooperated and was friends with Bl. Fr.. Jerzy Popiełuszko. Ks. In his sermon, Józef first referred to the Feast of Mercy and then turned his attention to the presence of shepherds and juhas in the temple. After the Eucharist, the shepherds received sacred water to their huts, to sprinkle the halls, the site lit with fire on Easter Vigil, to light the first Wadra, the Podhale calendar, to remember God's matters and a book about God's Mercy, because today He sends them. Then the procession went out into the field, where a flock of sheep waited for the holy water in Kos - for holy, because there was no shortage of water from heaven all day.

Those present at the ceremony could taste highlander products and the shepherds met together before the reykjavik.

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