Classes in the area Diversity of nature of the Carpathian forests

On October 20, 2018, classes in the field under the slogan "Diversity of nature of the Carpathian forests - activities in the field" were conducted in the Magija Farm from 10.00 to 14.30. They were led by a forester and enthusiast of Carpathian forests, expert on the flora and fauna of the Bieszczady forest from the Baligród Forest District - Marcin Scelina The classes were attended by 25 people, who for the first time had the opportunity to get to know the Bieszczady forest from a different perspective, because the teacher drew the participants attention to very unusual things. He showed the effects of beavers in wetlands, showed rare species of plants, lichens and animals, telling a lot curiosities related to animal life. He showed traces on the trees of the bear's presence, which over time lead to the creation of gawras in firs. He also presented the characteristic changes in the landscape in which shepherding dominated. Therefore, the participants learned a lot in a practical way about biodiversity of the Carpathian forests.

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