Zbór Wołoski

All events began at 12.00 the congregation was established, i.e. a symbolic puncture in the lands of the ciupag / bulbs, a signal from thrombites, horns and the prayer of the Angel of the Lord, led by the Ambassador of Mountain Lands, Fr. Władysław Zązel together with the Chaplain of the Union of Polish Youth Adam Ciapka.

The main point of the program was the dedication and placement of a commemorative plaque depicting four bacow sticks with a shepherd's hut in the place of the oldest shepherd's hut in Hala Barania. The memorial plaque was mounted on stones from ancient ores *. The story of the place was told by shepherd Piotr Kohut from Koniaków. Building the plaque had a symbolic dimension of commemorating the ancestors and celebrating the 80th anniversary of the Opening of the Model Bacówka at Hala Barania. After consecrating the plaque, saying a prayer for the deceased shepherds and juhas, an honorary salute was given by the reconstruction group of the Beskids Harnass, a burning fire and was laid as a remembrance of ancestors, an old casket / ciupaga found in the hall. Representatives of the Silesian and Żywiec highlanders took part in this extraordinary event, including Members of the ZP Żywiec Highlanders' Department, Baców, Juhasi, Members of the "PROĆPOK" Association for the Development of Kamesznica, who on that day were the hosts at Hala Barania. There were also traditional music performed by regional bands such as "Koniaków" from Koniaków, "Spod Kikuli" and ZPiT. Józef Szczotka "Wierchy" from Milówka. The ceremony was complemented by a short concert of archaic music performed by the "Wałasi" band and a speech by Mr. Władysław Motka about a meeting at Hala Barania, the dedication of Model Bacówka in 1937. At 15.00 there was a tasting of regional dishes based on sheep's products and a demonstration of cheese production using the traditional method. Complementing the day was the Wallachian / shepherd dance. Małgorzata Filary from Kamesznica and Józef Michałek from Istebna supervised the whole event as the announcers. * Heaps of stones often piled up at border locations

Współfinansowane przez Unię Europejską z Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego w ramach
Programu Współpracy Transgranicznej Interreg V-A Polska-Słowacja 2014-2020