Malopolska - 15 thematic routes

Wallachs. Pastoral people who reached the Polish territory around the 15th century, bringing with them not only farming art of pasturing sheep in difficult, mountain area, but also rich culture, living till this day. The migration of Wallachs ran from the Bieszczady Mountains, through the Low Beskids, the Sądecki Beskids, the Gorce Mountains and the Podtatrze Region, through the Żywiec Beskids, the Silesian Beskids and further on to the west, towards Moravia. This study is the proposal of 15 thematic routes running through the areas closely connected with the development of transhumance. Together they comprise a comprehensive, cross-cutting image of pastoral heritage, for which mountain areas are a background - a context, which gains additional, intangible value thanks to these routes.

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