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GORCE: Ochotnica - behind the mountains, behind the forests ...

In the footsteps of Wołochów around Lesser Poland

We invite you to wander in the footsteps of Wołochów ... 15 thematic routes leading through Lesser Poland, which together form a holistic, cross-sectional image of the shepherd's legacy, for which mountain areas are the background - a context that thanks to the trails gains additional, non-material value.

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Ochotnica Dolna - Jaworzynka Gorcowska / Piorunowiec 4.8 km (1:30 h) - Student Tent Base GORC 1.9 km (0:45 h) - Lookout tower 1 km (0:30 h)

The route is recommended for: individual tourists, groups, families with children

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Wandering in the footsteps of Wołochów in Poland begins just like any captivating story. A long, long time ago, behind seven mountains, behind seven forests, behind seven rivers ... In today's Gorce, there was an ancient forest - wild, dark and menacing.

These lands remained intact for a long time until around the 13th century, when Polish kings and princes began to conduct intensive colonization. The beginning of the Ochotnica village - the oldest Wallachian village - dates back to 1416, when Dawid Wołoch received a location privilege from King Władysław Jagiełło.

Settlements based on Wallachian law were formed on "Raw root". Wołosi - accustomed to living in mountainous areas, less suitable for cultivation - did very well in such conditions. They grubbed up local forests, where glades were then established. They settled accounts with their masters in nature - most often in cheese, sheep and pigs.

Ochotnica - seated on the river with the same name - was not always so signed on the map. The word is derived from the old Polish verb "ochodzi" or "ochodnik", which should be understood as "circumventing" or "circumvention." The oldest mention of the Ochotnica valley is found in the location document from 1336 of the neighboring village of Tylmanowa and relates to the river, which was then called "rivulus Ochodnik". The name Ochotnica, in its present wording, appears in the mid-16th century.

To this day, Ochotnica is considered the most important Wallachian village in Podhale. An interesting fact is that it also belongs to the longest villages in Poland. Its axis is a 20 km road, and building groups also lie in 17 valleys of side streams. The total length of Ochotnica, including all branches, reaches 38 km.


The walking route begins in Ochotnica Dolna, the oldest Wallachian village, and currently one of the most popular summer resorts in Gorce. The trip can begin at the historic church. Finding the Holy Cross, located in the center of the village, however, the green trail leading to the mountains, we meet in the hamlet of Chryczyki, near the gas station and restaurant.

After crossing the bridge over Ochotnica, the trail continues along an asphalt road along the Gorcowe housing estate. After about 0:30 h the trail leaves the road running through the village and turns left. After a rather sharp, initial approach, it then climbs gently up through the glades, where you can still find shepherd's huts to this day. From here, there is a beautiful view to the south, to the Ochotnica valley and the village buildings and the Lubań range on the horizon. A trained eye will certainly see the lookout tower on it. After about 1:30 h we reach the summit of Jaworzynka Gorcowska, called Piorunowiec by the local people.

From here, the route continues through the extensive Hale Gorcowskie Mountains, straight to the Student Tent Base GORC, which can be a great accommodation point during the holiday season. It is not far from the base to the top of Gorce, where from 2015 there is a lookout tower from which you can admire the 360 ° panorama of all the surrounding mountain ranges.

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Tourist and cultural events in the area:

  • "Weekend with GPN", May, Gorce National Park.
  • Watra Ochotnicka, August, Village Culture Center in Ochotnica Górna.
  • Autumn redyk in Ochotnica, September, Village Culture Center in Ochotnica Górna.

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